Collins Online Corpus Service – WordBanks Online

At the beginning of the year, we migrated our WordBanks Online corpus service to a newer version of the Sketch Engine. While the content of the WordBanks corpus (including all the metadata) has remained the same for now, the user interface has become a lot more user-friendly and we are able to provide WordBanks users with an improved array of language analysis tools, including:

  • Visualisation of thesaurus results You can now visualise words which have a high distributional similarity to your search term
  • Visualisation of concordance results – You can visualise whether your search term is distributed evenly throughout the corpus, or concentrated in just a few texts
  • Compare words by context – You can now use Sketch-Diff to compare the behaviour of the same word in different contexts
  • Improved analysis of word frequency information – You can now view frequency information by part-of-speech tag, text types or surface form


You can sign up for a free trial of the WordBanks online corpus or arrange a subscription to the service.

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