Collins Word of the Year 2020

Each year Collins runs a campaign to find the Collins Word of the Year. It’s a word we feel defines what is happening in the world today and is sourced from the work Collins does throughout the year, to monitor changes in use of words in the English language. The Collins corpus which has 13-billion … Continued

Homeschooling support with Collins Easy Learning

At the start of 2020 no one could have predicted how quickly our world would change and the impact on our day to day lives in the wake of Covid 19. As we can’t meet our customers in the way we once did, we want to bring you information about different areas of the Collins … Continued

Collins wins Educational Publisher of the Year

We’re absolutely thrilled that Collins Learning has won Academic, Educational and Professional Publisher of the Year at the 2017 British Book Industry Awards. Emerging victorious in a category which included Hodder Education and Scholastic, Collins was praised by the judges for being ‘one of the most modern and innovative operators in the education sector’. They continued: ‘Through organic … Continued

The New Collins Music List

It’s been a busy year for Collins Learning in Glasgow and London offices. Our editorial teams have focused on our strategies of growing our international offering and growing our digital presence. In our catalogues you will find dozens of new titles across all areas of our publishing.    We’ve also acquired a music publishing list. … Continued

Collins Online Corpus Service – WordBanks Online

At the beginning of the year, we migrated our WordBanks Online corpus service to a newer version of the Sketch Engine. While the content of the WordBanks corpus (including all the metadata) has remained the same for now, the user interface has become a lot more user-friendly and we are able to provide WordBanks users with … Continued

Visit Collins at the London Book Fair

The London Book Fair is the biggest annual celebration of the publishing industry in the UK. It is a global event with rights sales taking place across all types of publishing and multimedia. Collins will, of course, be attending. It is a chance for us to meet up with trusted partners from across the world … Continued

Collins Basque dictionary now available

  Collins dictionaries have now been published in a new language thanks to our partnership with Elhuyar. Elhuyar’s lexicographers used one of our bestselling bilingual dictionaries as a framework for creating a brand-new English-Basque dictionary. Work began in 2013 and was completed this summer. Now Basque learners can teach themselves English without having to use … Continued