As a global publisher of outstanding market-leading content, Collins has years of experience in co-edition and custom publishing, making us the partner of choice for publishers and distributors around the world who are looking for new content and to extend their existing ranges. We are easily able to adapt content from our existing portfolio or to create bespoke products according to your specifications.

We can create, for example:

  • English and English learner’s dictionaries and reference titles
  • Bilingual dictionaries and reference titles (with and without English)
  • Language learning products (including ELT)
  • Packaged atlases for overseas markets
  • Revision and home learning educational material
  • Children and young adult reference material in over thirty languages, across varied subjects including maths and science

We can also support you in creating your own localised products.

Please get in touch to discuss your product needs with us.







Case Studies



Collins worked closely with Nám Publishers to produce a school atlas in the Faroese language. Based on Collins Student Atlas, Nám took mapping and an English index file. The English file was structured by Collins to avoid duplication and ensure consistency throughout the translated work. Nám worked locally with the Faroese Language Directorate to ensure place name and geographical feature accuracy in the translations. Collins Cartographers worked alongside the Faroese to help with type placement, layouts and editorial work. Collins completed the index, packaged the files and printed the atlas. Shortly after the completion of the atlas project, Nám returned to Collins to help create a poster of the Faroe Islands and subsequently a translated edition of Collins large world wall map. The existing English to Faroese translation file was re-used for consistency across the titles. Collins can package a range of mapping related products whether that is an atlas or wall map for a school or a bespoke branded incentive piece for a corporate customer or customer loyalty programme. We can author text and commission photography to create mapping or other reference titles from scratch, completely tailored to customer requirements and target audience.