In addition to being a world-class publisher, Collins has significant experience as a content solutions business. If an off-the-shelf licensed product isn’t appropriate, Collins has the tools and expertise to build something to your specifications.

We employ leading experts in content development, whether that’s computational linguists, lexicographers, managing editors, designers, digital product developers or publishers experienced in trade and educational product development. Our highly-skilled Business Development team manage our partner relationships and offer a fast, efficient and collaborative service approach.

We supply content in a range of digital formats including:

  • industry-standard XML
  • typeset files
  • print-ready PDFs
  • raster data
  • … or any other digital format you need.

Collins increasingly develops content in multimedia formats including images, audio, and video, and can now also offer platform development services.

With experience of working with leading brand names worldwide, Collins can enhance your proposition in a cost-effective and time-efficient manner.

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Case Studies

Selvas AI

Selvas AI

SELVAS AI (DIOTEK) supplies HMI solutions based on the top pattern recognition technologies of handwriting, Image, and voice, through professional research on cutting-edge deep learning technology. In addition, SELVAS AI is the leader in the global mobile dictionary software market due to the language based technology application service. As a licensing partner to SELVAS AI, Collins could help by conducting a retrospective analysis of words that had come into the English language since the last update of the dictionary. The New Words Service provides a cost-effective way to update dictionary products and one which is subscribed by a number of international dictionary publishers and software providers.